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Austin Abas
Ida Albo
The Fort Garry
J. Scott Andrew
Andrew Agencies Ltd.
George Andrews
G.J. Andrews Food & Wine
David Angus
Johnston Group Inc.
Todd Asman
IG Wealth Management
Paul Asmundson
People Corporation
Gail Asper
The Asper Foundation
Manny Atwal
Al Babiuk
Bill Baines
AML Wireless Inc.
Hardev Bains
Lionridge Capital Management Inc.
Vincent Barletta
St. Boniface Hospital Foundation
David Barnard
University of Manitoba
Chip Batten
ColorAd Packaging
Steven Beal
Beal Business Brokers & Advisors
Paul Beatty
Megill-Stephenson Company Ltd.
Ryan Behie
Nike Bello
Roger Belton
Belton Boisselle Benefits & Pensions
Gary Bernard
Kasey Boisselle
Gallagher Benefit Services (Canada) Group, Inc.
Don Boitson
Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg
Justin Boonen
MacKenzie Investments
Alan Borger
Ladco Company Limited
Martine Bouchard
St. Boniface Hospital
Richard Bracken
Royal Canadian Properties Limited
Marilyn Brennan
Credit Union Central of Manitoba
Darrell Brown
Kisik Commercial Furniture
Thomas Bryk
Cambrian Credit Union
Jason Bryk
Pitblado LLP
Brock Bulbuck
Boyd Group Income Fund/The Boyd Group Inc.
Glenn Bunston
Manitoba Public Insurance
James Burt
J.K. May Investments Ltd.
Timothy Burt
Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.
Lucy Camara
Olatech Business Hosting Corporation
Kylie Cameron
Lawton Partners
Lisa Cefali
Legacy Bowes Group
Sandy Chahal
Lawton Partners Wealth Management
Shawn Chambers
RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel
Ken Chartrand
Encore Business Solutions Inc
Christopher Chernecki
Private Pension Partners Inc.
Daniel Chornous
RBC Global Asset Management Inc.
David Christianson
Christianson Wealth Advisors, National Bank Financial
Dan Chubey
Colliers International
Bonnie Chwartacki
People Corporation
Jerry Cianflone
Pizza Hotline
Richard Cloutier
Corus Entertainment Winnipeg, CJOB
Grant Cockshott
Innovair Group
Robert Coghlan
Coghlan's Ltd.

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