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The Associates give back to the School in a variety of ways:



Special Programs

  • Associates Speaker Handbook
  • Student Event Participation

Associate's/Asper Annual Report 2017-2018


Pledge to the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
The Associates have pledged $1,000,000 to be paid in annual contributions.

Associates' Enterprise Award
Presented at the CSA Business Banquet Dinner every year, this $1000 Award is given to a deserving student on the basis of merit with particular reference to enterprising accomplishments, academic achievement and student leadership.

International Study Awards
Every year we help a number of deserving students in their pursuit of excellence in management education with our $1500 International Study awards.

Associates Award for Study in the MBA Program
A $250 award offered each year to the student who achieves the second highest grade point average in the Asper MBA program.

Asper School of Business Faculty Awards
Each award of $4,000 is given to full-time, permanent Faculty members who have achieved outstanding performance in teaching, research or service to advance business education in the Province of Manitoba and enhance the School's reputation. Each of the selected Faculty members is honoured at an event in September.  

The recipients in 2008 were:  Dr. Neil Fassina ~ Teaching; Dr. S Appadoo ~ Research & Teaching; Dr. Hari Bapuji ~ Research; Dr. Charles Mossman ~ Service.

The recipients in 2009 were:  Dr. Sandy Hershcovis ~ Research, Dr. Xiaoyun Wang ~ Research, Dr. Reg Litz ~ Teaching, Mr. Alok Dua ~ Teaching

The recipients in 2010 were:   Dr. Nick Turner ~ Research, Dr. Parshotam Dass~ Teaching, Sean MacDonald ~ Teaching, Dr. Ed Bruning~ Service

The recipients in 2011 were:   Dr. Raymond Lee ~ Research, Dr. Usha Mittoo~ Service, Dr. Sergio Carvalho~ Teaching, Dr. Nathan Greidanus~ Teaching
The recipients in 2012 were:  Dr. Nick Turner ~ Research, Dr. Fang Wan ~ Research, Dr. Reg Litz ~ Teaching, Dr. Subbu Sivramakrishnan ~ Teaching, Dr. Sandy Hershcovis ~ Service, Dr. Kelly Main ~ Service

The recipients in 2013 were:  Dr. Hari Bapuji ~ Service, Dr. Nathan Greidanus ~ Teaching, Dr. Wenxia Ge ~ Research, Dr. Ying Zhang ~ Research


Stuart Clark Venture Challenge
Our financial support ($10,000) and participation as judges goes a long way to assist the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship to host this prestigious international event and help keep our students razor-sharp in these competitions.

JDC West
The Associates are pleased to be a key Sponsor ($2,500) at this event. JDC West is the largest undergraduate business competition in Western Canada, and the only competition to combine academic, athletic, and social challenges that puts Universities head to head in an intense weekend that draws on the talent pools of each individual to bring their team together to win the coveted title of School of the Year.

Annual Business Banquet
The Associates are pleased to be an Executive Sponsor ($5,500) at this event. The Commerce Business Banquet provides an opportunity for members of the business and academic communities to formally interact. Since its inception in 1966, it has evolved into one of the most prestigious functions for the University of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. Furthermore, it is the 2nd largest student run event in Western Canada, and is one of the largest events of its kind in Canada. The Business Banquet currently attracts over 650 participants annually, and is recognized as a unique link between future graduates and current business leaders.

Guest Speaker Series

The Associates are invited to speak at the School to various Student Groups and classes to give a real-world perspective and share knowledge with the upcoming leaders in business.

The options are endless: sharing expertise during a lunch hour to interested students and faculty, in-class discussion skewed to that class current chapters and topics, or speaking at Student Group meetings on decision-making and current environmental topics.

Student Event Participation

The Associates and their companies can also get involved in various Student run events as a sponsor, participant or both!

Graduate Student Event Invitations

Over the year, most of the events and activities that are offered to Associates include the invitation and participation of MBA, MSc and PhD Students from the School who are often looking for research participation, management positions, and to build their network for career and business benefit.

Enhancing and maintaining the links between the Graduate programs and the local business community helps the School to ensure the program remains firmly grounded in the 'real world'.

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